About Me


My Name is Surya TeJa Kotha. I am a Small Business Owner in Rayachoty, Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh – Bharat (India). I am a Tech-Savvy, Winphan, Googler, Blogger, Internet-Addict, Animal-Nature-Lover, Instagrapher, Vegetarian, Gadget-Geek, Shopaholic, Music-Lover, Content-Writer, Theist! I do Strongly believe in Karma! What we do happens back to us Directly or Indirectly, however! Every Being is my Family and I Love everyone, an Animal or a Human.

Always Stay Cool and Happy, because everything happens only to get out the Best in Us, and make us the Best of what we can be!

You can get to us through this e-mail: definestuff.wiki@gmail.com.

Purpose of The Site – The Design Stuff:

This Blog – The Design Stuff is solely created out of my thought of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Sharing the Knowledge is something our Ancestors used to do, and hence we know how to do and behave in most of the aspects of Life. I strongly had an urge to express my Knowledge out for the world, which may directly/indirectly help many. May the Content of this Blog flow in a path of Enriching your minds and Souls.

You are Free to comment regarding your views/Doubts on any of the Content posted, through the Comment Section placed beneath each post. Happy Reading! 🙂