Define Stuff: Mega Pixel

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  • What is a Pixel or a Megapixel?
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We many times have come across this term: Megapixel. This term was being used mostly in the field of Photography. But in the last 10 years, with the advent of Smartphones and Great Quality Cameras (both Rear and Front), this has become quite a normal deal. Every person does know basically what a Megapixel is, but I provide you a in-detail information regarding this terminology, because we are meant for this.

Let’s start from the very Basic.

Pixel is a shortened form of both the terms: Picture Cells and Elements.

It is a Smallest Notable part or a Component of a Picture.

An image is nothing but a combination of many pixels arranged along in 2D or 3D manner. Each pixel contains a very small portion of the image displayed. A pixel is formed by Triads, where a Triad is a combo of Red, Green and Blue Phosphor Dots (native-ly known as RGB Color Schema). The Colors we see on a Screen are displayed by the Electron Beams which are projected with different intensities on these 3 colors to form all other colors.

Electronic Display devices such as TV Screens, Computer Monitors, Mobile Phone Screens etc., have an array of pixel formation which is termed as Resolution, in-fact called Screen Resolution. This varies based on the Screen Size and Pixel Density.

Featured Image Courtesy: YouTube – David Hancock